Marinduque Island native reaching out for general awareness that our inhabitants have a lot to share with the outside world culturally and environmentally but we must be supported and helped regain our own battered consciousness. Alternative views & pills offered.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


The municipality of Buenavista, the smallest of Marinduque's (still a fourth class province huh), six towns, is located on the southwestern portion of the island-province facing the Tablas Strait. It is populated by 19,607 inhabitants who speak Tagalog with a blend of Masbate and Romblon dialectic influences. Main industries are fishing, farming and trade. It is back-dropped by Malindig Volcano that rises up to 1,157 meters and where the last bastion of biodiversity on this island still thrives on the final 200 meter ascent. Advanced mountain climbers still rise up to the challenge of scaling this majestic mountain (Malindig means steep and elegant). Local folklore foretells of this volcano as the place of 'golden underground cities'. Sightings of golden ships anchored at its foot where the mountain meets the sea still abound in this day and age - the most recent sighting was on Holy Wednesday 2006, when the ship magically attracted thousands of fish sold the next day at P 5.00 per kilo! The fisherfolks wouldn't stop telling you the story...

Malbog Sulfuric Springs some 2 km. away from the town proper await health buffs who find the therapeutic and relaxing effect of hot springs a must when visiting old Buenavista. Other places of interest are the Lourdes Grotto in Sapinit that offers a remarkably good view of the volcano and the Malindig foothills, the beaten coastal path to Libas, Lipata and Yook characteriuzed by a mix of steep cliffs, rocky beaches, smaller coves and quietude interrupted only by the sound of queer birds, wild cats (musang), and monkeys. Elefante Island that once boasted of an exclusive beach club, now gone, but slowly being resurrected, could be visited and its small strip of coral beach could still be enjoyed. The view of the volcano from this island has graced many travel magazines. Bagtingon's cottage industries, backyard butterfly cages in many houses and Bulusucan Falls interest summer visitors and who care for some privacy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

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Couldn't help it! Posted by Picasa
Judas Iscariote, played by Jeff Magsino, a vacationeer from Batangas Posted by Picasa
Christ is Ressurected. Posted by Picasa
Mary and Christ's dead body. Posted by Picasa
The miracle of Longinus after piercing Jesus' side with a spear. Posted by Picasa
The mockery did not cease even as He was nailed to the Cross. Posted by Picasa
Mother Mary with John meets the Christ. Posted by Picasa
Veronica wipes the Holy Face. Posted by Picasa
Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene Posted by Picasa
Simon (played by JR Rianzares) with a friend (Divine Grace Peralta) Posted by Picasa
Jesus bearing the Cross falls down on his knees.. Posted by Picasa
PIlate washes his hands... Posted by Picasa
"Ecce Homo!" Posted by Picasa
Christ is mocked by the Roman centurions. Posted by Picasa
Longinus and his lance. (Claudia's Dream) Posted by Picasa
Jesus is dragged by the Roman soldiers (in Claudia's Dream) Posted by Picasa
Another scene from Claudia's dream. Posted by Picasa
Scene from 'Claudia's Dream' rendered in dance movements. Posted by Picasa
Herod mocks the Christ. Posted by Picasa
Herodes (played by Rudi Mariposky) is surprised with the arrival of Jesus. Posted by Picasa
Judas before hanging himself... a devil throws the rope... Posted by Picasa
Christ before Pilate. Posted by Picasa
Christ before Caiphas. Posted by Picasa
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