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Monday, April 24, 2006


Rudy Mariposky (he played 'Herodes Antipas' in 'pasyon-dula' after about a decade of absence from the Marinduque community theater stage) took these photos (and a lot more), during the dress-rehearsal on 11th April, the premiere on the 12th with Janmart Lacdao playing Kristo and on the 13th, and the first re-run with J.E. SISON (of ABS-CBN's "TV Idol" and "Bikini Open" fame), playing "Kristo".

The municipal government of Buenavista has announced the construction of a new stage near the seawall for this passion-play's presentation next year, 2007.

(Photo) The Buenavista sea and sky looked like this when the cast trooped to the beach after the 3 1/2 hour-play on 13th April; (Photo) Eli directing Janmart; (Photo) J.E. exorcising the Taong Grasa.

(Photo) Janmart (Jesus) reads from Isaiah;
(PHoto) JR Rianzares (as Simon of Cyrene) helps Jesus to carry the Cross; (Photo) JR also doubles as "Taong Grasa"

(Photo) Glenn Bautista plays John the Baptist; (Photo) Janmart alternated as Judas when J.E. played Kristo; Mark Latorre as the Possessed Man.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The experiences of Teatro Balangaw of Marinduque are studied in this book: Art and social meaning. COMMUNITY THEATER: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


"Superb!" "Fantastic!" "Excellent!" "The single most unforgettable performance by an actor I have seen on stage!" These were words overheard from the audience after J.E. SISON (John Emmanuel Sison), played the role as Jesus Christ in the Tagalog "ANG KRISTO: PASYON-DULA", performed before a mammoth audience at Buenavista Covered Court in Marinduque April 13, 2006. The play lasted four hours, (including a brief speech from Mayor Madrigal, a 4 minute overture, a 7 minute intermission and a prolonged curtain call). From the very first scene to the last (and there were about 38 scenes), the audience applauded heartily every time the lights went out.

When the lights dimmed after the curtain call the actor released a cry, "Yeees!" with hands outstretched as co-actors mobbed him and ladies in the audience with their cameras took shots with Sison wrapped in his Jesus costume.

Sison, then, upon the bidding of the play's director, addressed the Teatro Balangaw ensemble of 70 strong and gave a stirring speech about the wonders of theater and acting stressing that the "one you saw acting there was not me!" "I just prayed, and it seemed to me that something... a force, whatever, seemed to have taken over me when the curtain rose and I just followed it!", he said

"So now I know the purpose why I decided to grow my hair long!" The actor had no inkling that he would be invited on short notice (three weeks), to act as "Kristo", in a play that deliberately shunned ideas to call it a "sinakulo", for it was not. The lady mayor of Buenavista, Mayor Ofelia S. Madrigal, was, to use her own words "overwhelmed" by the success of the lenten play that plans are afoot to really make it Buenavista's annual acting and tourism showcase. Who knows? At Balangaw things like that happen. Ask the ex-actors and ex-directors to share their Balangaw experiences and how it opened doors to their peace... or madness!

(J.E. Sison is a product of an ABS-CBN national talent search, has appeared as lead star in the movie "Bikini Idol" that earned him a Star Awards nomination as best actor).
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